Insten CR1625 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery [5pcs-Pack],r22 hvac

This battery provides an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply.








I absolutely love this laptop I purchased it a few months ago and its fantastic. I could NOT be happier. I had a surface and switched to this, the keyboard is such a pleasure to type on and the speed blows away the surface!

Usage: Car Remotes, Watches, Clocks.



I bought this used, since I’m on a tight budget. I got this to replace my old 2007 MSI Wind U100 (so slow, that it’s unusable now). This newer device is 64-bit, not 32-bit.

I like that I cannot upgrade the RAM (which is 4 GB). I wish that the eMMC internal hard drive were AT LEAST 64 GB. I tried to upgrade my HP Stream 11’s Windows 10 installation so that I could get the 2017 Fall Creators’ Update (Upgrade?), but there wasn’t enough space left on my drive! I had another, better solution–replace Windows 10 with GNU/Linux (Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki"). It uses far less space than Windows 10 did (only around 9.3 GB now). Even though this is considered low-end hardware, with the new operating system, it seems to be faster and easier to use. If you purchase and insert a 32 GB microSD card, you can save your files and project folders to the card to ensure that you do not use up all of the internal hard drive space.

The keyboard is very, very comfortable for typing (I have large hands). It’s more comfortable than that of the MSI Wind. I love the chiclet keys–feels like I am typing on a small Apple Macbook Air. The 11.6" widescreen is comfortable–not too small, but not so large to make it cumbersome to take out and about with you. The machine remains very cool–because of the type of internal hard drive, it lacks a ventilation fan. Because there is no ventilation fan, battery life is very good–quite long (many hours, although I really can’t recall just how many).

This machine will never be a speed demon–video playback on YouTube is a teeny bit slow, but otherwise, this is a good little basic machine for various emailing, music streaming, websurfing, and word-processing tasks. I am very happy with my HP Stream 11 in its cheerful shade of American robin’s egg-blue!


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Model: CR1625. Chemistry: Lithium. Voltage: 3V. Quantity: 1.

Provide long shelf pfe for back up energy purposes together with ideal temperature resistance and superior storage capacity. You never quit. Your battery shouldn’t either.


Warning: Choking Hazard. Keep away from children. Visit doctor immediately if swallowed.

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Had one of this and gave it away to one of my nieces. Bought a Galaxy Tab 4 7", a newer model. That thing was good and fits in my hand nicely, however found out later that it has no MHL and no Screen Mirroring. To hook it up to the TV, I had to buy an adapter that cost $39. So, I returned that and bought this model (SM-T310) again. This thing may not be the fastest, nor the resolution as nice as the newer model, but it has everything I need, and I can even hook it up to a TV, when I travel, with a $8 cable.

Update: I bought Galaxy Tab A recently because the Best Buy guy was saying how great it is. blah-blah-blah. Returned that one within 2 days. It was a piece of junk. This Galaxy Tab 3 8" has more features, more sturdy, more everything than that Tab A.

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Super cute and quality looks good!

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